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Wedding package $480





Mobile dj hire including:
Reliable Professional DJ
Pro DJ BOOTH with mic stand, monitor speaker& 
Top of range Pioneer DJ controller (DDJ SX2) with Macbook pro running Serato music software
Huge music collection / Music of your choice or let me do the crowd reading!

2 x High Quality 15" Italian Branded Speakers on stands and a powerfull but compact AVE Bass Boy subwoofer.
1x cordless Shure Pro microphone and or 1x wired quality Shure microphone. 

Yamaha mini mixing desk allowing musicians with instruments or more mics to be plugged in

 Depending on the venue size, there are 2 options for disco lighting at your wedding:
1 x Large Lighting truss stand- (2  Heavy duty tripod stands  with Truss beams accross the top for full lightshow and Lasers fitted.

1 or 2 standard size light T bars holding 4 top quality, colourfull  filling light fixtures  on each, 
1 X Wired Microphone
Optional smoke machine upon request.

I always carry a back up mixer and laptop  incase of electrical failure 


WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN??  In simple terms, my gear is all of high quality meaning it's reliable and brings the ultimate event experience !

Lasers can be taken off for those not wanting a flashy wedding, or laser dots and shapes in the photo's. Most photographer's prefer them off for the first dance 

more info on my equipment can be found on my Equipment List 


After confirming a wedding booking with me, enjoy the easy use of my online booking service, with your own password you can add any song requests from a list, or edit and enter details on Wedding planning forms and bridal party contact details etc. This cuts down phonecalls and E mails back and forth!




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