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                                                                   - Lite console Professinal DJ booth -

You will find me behind a stunning Professional DJ booth imported from the U.K this year. It is backlit and looks the part in the more classy venues, It gets many compliments and keeps my equipment safely hidden, therefore so much better than a pop up table with wires hanging down as seen with the cheaper DJ's!!



                                                                                 - Soundsystem -

Macbook Pro running Serato DJ software. (requests / songs  can be found quickly in the search box reading my huge music library)

Pioneer DDJ-SX 2 Serato DJ controller (latest spec) puts me in control of the songs live with many buttons and toys to make the mix more fun...

Yamaha MG 06 mixer for more plug in options like microphones or instruments and Is used as a back up mixer incase of electrical failure. 

2 X  D.B Opera 15" speakers on high stands ( Italian made)

1 X 12" AVE Bassboy Subwoofer (this is very powerful, sounds as good as some 15" subs) 

1 Mackie monitor speaker depending on the type of gig.


Microphones- 2 X Shure High quality mics- one wireless, one on a long cord

++The above has been more than loud enough for up to around  150 people dancing, for large  outdoor parties or larger crowds, more soundsystem can be hired by prior arrangement at an extra cost.


                                                                                     - Lighting -

1X TBAR 4 slim par cans for washing/ mood lighting
1X TBAR stand with  2X 
Chauvet swarm FX5  large 3 in one L.E.D/lazer/strobe 

(Or the above can be mounted on one large Trussing beam system with 2 stands) 
Smaller AVE Gladiator lazer with green & red dots / patterns
A.V.E terminator bright  blue lazer with awesome patterns
Chauvet swarm f.x  large 3 in one L.E.D/lazer/strobe
Quad flower pattern light

American DJ Vioscan scanner / moving  head light colourful paterns.

300 L.E.D rechargeable   strip light 1m.

Smoke machine- basic dry ice vapour machine. (Suited to smaller venues only.)

Better fog / haze machines can be arranged by hire (price increase) upon request.

Emergency back up mixer and spare laptop just incase something goes wrong. Hopefully you won't be seeing them in action but at least I have a back up plan for weddings and other important times!


All equipment is tested and tagged for safety and venue requirements.


I will bring all cables and accessories for setting up neatly, you just need to provide me with access to a venue with power points as close as possible.




Doesn't sound like enough ? More can be hired for bigger events

For larger events with enough planning time we can Hire more equipment, just let me know. 



Sounds like too much equipment im only having a small party

All good, I can set up less lighting for corporate functions or small crowds, just let me know



What does this all mean?

In simple terms, my gear is all of high quality meaning it's reliable and brings the ultimate experience







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